Helping Communities Create Healthy Places


SHC offers training, technical assistance, workshops, webinars, peer learning groups, and strategic planning in the following areas:

  • Health Impact Assessments (HIA) – How to conduct comprehensive and rapid HIA
  • Cross-Sector Collaboratives – How to build and sustain successful cross-sector, action-oriented, and policy-focused coalitions and partnerships (2 hrs., 1/2 day, full-day, and 8-month training program)
  • Health in All Policies (HiAP) – How to assess, design and implement HiAP Initiatives
  • Healthy Communities – How to build capacity on the nexus between health and the built environment (transportation, housing, design and planning, environmental health, natural and green spaces, and healthy food)
  • Healthy Urban Planning – How to incorporate health into community planning, redevelopments, and land use code and design guidelines
  • Incorporate health and the built environment in community health improvement processes

SHC provides qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis for organizations, agencies and businesses to promote healthier planning, community development, and policy change in the following areas:

  • Health and demographic data
  • Design of measurements and indicators
  • Community-based equity assessments
  • Qualitative data collection, e.g., key informant interviews, focus groups, and intercept interviews; Quantitative data collection, e.g., surveys
  • Author reports, articles, policy scans, best and promising practice reviews, case studies, white papers, and fact sheets
  • Design logic models
  • Community-based participatory research
  • Conduct literature reviews
  • Use geospatial data to plan and implement population-level programs and policies
  • Design broad surveys, interviews and focus group questionnaires

SHC has over 15 years of experience with conducting health impact              assessments (HIAs) and integrating health into planning processes.

  • Conduct health impact assessments of policies, programs and plans
  • Provide technical assistance on the HIA steps, implementation, audits, and strategic planning
  • Assess local, regional, and state planning documents, e.g., master or comprehensive plans, neighborhood plans, transportation and redevelopment plans, and sustainability plans
  • Assess the built environment for access, safety and ADA compliance, e.g. walking and bicycle audits, food audits, transit audits, park audits, and healthy neighborhood audits
  • Conduct research and literature reviews
  • Conduct trainings/workshops (2 hrs., 1/2 and full-day)

SHC has significant experience developing, implementing and facilitating cross-sector teams and coalitions, engaging with the community, elected officials and other stakeholders and working on collective movements.

  • Assess community’s readiness related to climate, shifting demographics, change in transit infrastructure, safety, healthy and affordable housing, and access to services and healthy food
  • Recruit, retain and build stronger cross-sector coalitions, organizations and teams
  • Develop and implement community engagement activities to educate, build political will and foster change
  • Develop and implement community-change policies, campaigns or plans
  • Evaluate teams and coalitions for capacity and effectiveness

SHC offers policy and program analysis and development at the local, state and national level.

  • Conduct comprehensive policy scans
  • Complete policy and program analysis
  • Manage and support policy and program implementation
  • Research, develop and support advocacy and campaigns for successful policy adoption and implementation
  • Incorporate environmental health into public health policies, programs and plans
  • Develop public policy to influence political will, enhance regulations to advocate change
  • Research and identify promising policies, governing principles, policy statements or standards


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